[NEWS] : Platform updates "2020-03-10"

[NEWS] : Platform updates "2020-03-10"

Hi there, we have made some technical updates on this wonderful platform which is JerseyAve, updates that concern a lot of our sellers.
Without further ado, here they are :

1. New Shipping System: (For sellers)

Thanks to this new system you have the possibility to choose in which zone of the world you want / can send your articles.
Set it up quickly if you are selling an item, otherwise it will not be possible for a buyer to purchase your items.

2. Cover images option:

You can now customize your profile by adding a cover photo representing you (be careful not to take images that do not belong to you):

3. Updated profile page

We have improved the profile page by adding a filter to sort your articles as well as a search bar. Very essential if you have a multitude of articles on your account, it will save you from scrolling for hours :

4. Currency converter system

We have installed a currency converter for buyers and sellers from overseas. Currently the available currencies are Euro (main), Pound Sterling, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar and New Zealand Dollar. We plan to add several more in the future, don't worry.