JerseyAve is a marketplace dedicated to the jerseys lovers. You can watch, buy or sell a jersey.

Choose from a wide range of jerseys

Sellers are able to offer several types of jerseys such as football jerseys, basketball jerseys, hockey jerseys, baseball jerseys and many more.

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Create your own jersey catalog

You have jerseys that you do not wear or want to sell, post them on JerseyAve and create your own catalog.

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Free for buyers, some fees for sellers

Post any article for free and JerseyAve charges a commission of 9% only when your jerseys are selling.

Sales process

If you decide to sell an item on our platform, here's how the sale works :

Seller side, the payment made by the buyer remains on the platform. During this time the seller will send the item to the buyer and keep in touch. Once the item has been received, the buyer will need to confirm receipt of the item on their JerseyAve account. If the buyer has not confirmed after 3 days the order will be automatically validated and the seller will be paid.

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Increase your sales chances by sharing your jerseys on social networks in just a few clicks

Your city needs you

Become the reference of your city, that we think of you when you want a jersey.

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Our app is coming soon

The JerseyAve team is setting up a mobile app, but for now you can use the platform on your mobile browser.

1/ Add your article

  • Add all the necessary information to make your ad attractive to your future buyers (images, descriptions, price, ...).
  • Put your article at the top of the list by choosing to promote your article.
  • Bonus: Improve your profile, customers want to visit a complete profile more than an incomplete profile.

2/ Ship your article

  • Once your item has been purchased, you can safely ship it.
  • Don't forget to add the parcel tracking link.
  • Do not hesitate to inform your buyer about the progress of the shipment.

3/ Withdraw your money

  • Info: The money stays on the platform until the buyer receives the item. This system prevents sellers from leaving with the money without having delivered the item.
  • Once the jersey has been received, the seller can withdraw his winnings. To withdraw them, go to your Dashboard / Payout / Withdraw Money.
  • You can choose either PayPal or your IBAN as the withdrawal method.

4/ Get feedback from your buyers

  • Ask your buyer to leave you opinions on their item.
  • The more reviews you receive (positive of course) the more likely you are to make other sales in the future...

1/ Register

  • Before buying an item register on our platform. Without this you will not be able to purchase an item.
  • Add your shipping information in advance so as not to waste time (Name, Surname, Address, Postal Code, ...).
  • Contact the seller beforehand to have information about the item you want to buy.

2/ Checkout

  • Once you have gathered all the necessary information for your item, you can proceed to purchase the item.
  • SECURITY: Your payment does not go directly to the seller, it remains on the platform until you receive the item.
  • You will receive in the days which follow a tracking link of your article sent by your seller.

3/ Validate the article

  • After receiving your item, all you have to do is validate your order.
  • You will have 3 days to confirm it, without any response from you, the item will be automatically confirmed and the sale completed.
  • We invite you to leave a customer review on the order placed with your seller.

Do you have any other questions?

If you still need information about our services, we advise you to read our FAQ

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