[FASHION] : Discover the new collaboration between Meek Mill and SNIPES

[FASHION] : Discover the new collaboration between Meek Mill and SNIPES

American rapper Meek Mill has teamed up with SNIPES to launch his own collection.

The platinum platinum rapper and the German streetwear specialist present in their collaboration various pieces that reflect the history and roots of the American artist and continue to tell a story.

The Meek Mill and Snipes collection's motto is " You can not stop us : You can not stop us", a creed that has always accompanied the rapper in his past.


Robert Rihmeek Williams was born in 1987 in Philadelphia and lived there for a long time in bad conditions because he grew up between poverty and existential fears.
But Meek Mill has been able to break out of these difficult living conditions and is now considered one of the most popular rappers across the Atlantic.


He could prove it, for example, with his latest album " Championship ". Here, he talked about his past and his ambition, which makes him the superstar he is today. The album has been extremely well received by critics as well as by fans. Shortly after, he reached the first place of Billboard and achieved a score of 229,000 copies sold the first week.


Now, the rapper from Philadelphia cooperates with SNIPES and tells the story he has impressively presented in his previous albums.
The Meek Mill x SNIPES collection pays tribute to the city where Meek Mill grew up. It is not surprising that several pieces of this collaboration are inspired by the colors  of the Philadelphia Eagles  , here are some pictures below. The colors of the NFL team are composed of a black, green and white shade.

The Meek Mill x Snipes collection will be on sale from October 17 in all Snipes stores. It will also be available on the SNIPES online store.
This is the first major independent SNIPES campaign to be deployed in Europe and the United States.